Lot 05:

Queen Victoria’s Sketchbook

Estimate: £5,000

Moving onto one of the more coveted lots in this auction we now start the bidding for Queen Victoria’s Sketchbook. For anyone that doesn’t know, Victoria reigned from 1837 - 1901 and was in fact Great-Great Grandmother to both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip (inbreeding was all the rage back then). As organisers of this auction, we’ve of course had a little peak in this sketchbook and it’s fair to say it does not disappoint. Filled with detailed plans on how to manage the growing dissent from the empire, interspersed with schoolboy-drawn penises and racy nudes of Albert, it’s an arresting, evocative {and sometimes erotic} read. Full of interesting observations on the nature of power, it’s effects on ones self-esteem and even sexual appetite…it makes 50 Shades Of Gray read like The Railway Children.

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