Lot 12:

All of Scotlands
Gold Mining Activities

Estimate: £10,000,000,000

Lot 12, ladies and gentlemen, is ownership over all of Scotland’s Gold Mining activities. No wonder they wanted out! The issue of ownership came to the fore recently when one anonymous prospector discovered Britain’s biggest ever gold nugget - worth at least $65,000 - in a Scottish river in 2018. Speaking to Prince Charles in the build up to this auction, we asked how the issue between the crown and the anonymous individual was resolved. What ensued could only be described as Braveheartesque. As the Prince explained: “4000 of our best horsemen lined up on the Scottish moor’s before charging at this group of wild-haired, dress wearing madmen” - it later turned out to be just another one of Prince Harry’s wild (and casually racist-themed) parties..

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