Lot 01:

The Queen’s Dorgis

Estimate: £1,500

Lot 01, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the queen’s personal pair of Dorgis - Vulcan and Candy. Similar to the more traditional Corgi, but with an added mix of Dachshund, these perfect little pooches had initially settled in very well to the royal household. Famously amazing royal servants after learning to ‘bark’ the national anthem in just three weeks! This was of course before Prince Philip started shooting at them, having mistaken them for foxes on several occasions after a few too many Newcastle Brown Ales. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the RSPCA for stepping in at this point and notifying us of their need for relocation. Both Dorgis are incredibly well trained but must be fed on a strict diet of partridge breast, quail eggs, all served with a red-wine reduction on the side (they like to mix it in themselves). One spoonful of caviar per dog per day is also recommended to ensure they get enough Omega-3 into their diets.

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