The real deal:

The People Not the Crown

What was ‘Oliver’s Army’?
Who are the ‘Sandinista’s’?
What is ‘Going Underground’?


13 year old Ian Prowse couldn’t have had a better education than the one encoded in the music of his era. It was the greatest explosion of conviction music the UK had ever seen.


Fast-forward to 2020, Britain and the world, more than ever, needs music to remind us that democracy doesn’t start and stop at a vote. That debate, awareness and freedom of thought is needed to make sure our political leaders are held accountable. Music can remind us our assorted histories doesn’t always have to define a future injustice.


The People Not The Crown is a 4-track, 10” EP of protest. Taking two songs from his days leading Pele (cult 90s band) ‘Raid The Palace’ and ‘The Sport Of Kings’, one song from the acclaimed Here I Lie album ‘All The Royal Houses’ and a brand new track called ‘You Don’t Own Me’ A song specially written and exclusively for Record Store Day.


We have no idea what the future holds for any of us, but we do know – now is not the time to sit back and wait to see what happens. With the power of music we believe now is the time for change.

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